Ed Stroud School


Ed Stroud School was named for former educator Edwin David Stroud who was in the education field for fifty years. Mr. Stroud grew up in Greene County and attended Union Baptist Institute. Edwin and his wife, Pernolia, who was also a teacher, had eight children and lived in the Farmington Community. Mr. Stroud taught school at the Mount Zion School in Farmington; and the Rosenwald School in Watkinsville, where he became principal.

Ed Stroud School

Ed Stroud School

Ed Stroud School, located on Colham Ferry Road within the Watkinsville City Limits, was built in 1956 to educate African-American children in Oconee County. The school is currently called Colham Ferry Elementary School.

The school was built adjacent to the damaged Rosenwald School, which was torn down. The building consisted of an elementary wing, library, office administration area, cafeteria and assembly area, home economics lab and high school wing. Some of the outside structures were the shop and the cannery.

Ed Straud High School

Ed Stroud School

Ed Stroud School taught African-American students grades 1 through 12. These students had previously attended church and community schools all over Oconee County. The school provided a place for all the children in the county to be educated on one campus. The school was the pride of the African-American community. The school provided a solid education foundation for over a decade in Oconee County. The school educated over 800 students. Many dedicated educators and parents gave of their time and money to make Ed Stroud School a great place to learn.

The first graduation class was in 1957 with nine students. The students were Fannie Valena Brown, Mary Ellen Davenport, James Foster, Lelia Beatrice Hector, Lelia Bell Jones, O’Neal Morris, Margaret Phelps, Norrice Vincent, and Grace Mae Watson.

Ed Straud School Bus

Ed Stroud School Bus

The principals of Ed Stroud were Mr. Marvin Billups, Mr. Theodore C. Dyson, and Mr. Lawrence M. Scotland. Some of the teachers were Mrs. Pernolia Stroud, Mrs. Ella Billups, Miss Ethlene Calloway, Mrs. Emma Fields, Miss Georgia Browning, Mrs. Mary Campbell, Mrs. Mary McLain, Mrs. Lillie Haynes, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Swaney A. Rowe, Mr. C. Sokes, Mrs. Demons, Mr. Arthur Walker, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Eddie Scotland, Mrs. Ida Scotland, Mrs. W. Bowles, Miss Perdue and others.

The school colors were blue and white. The school mascot was the Eagle. The first annual, printed in 1960, was dedicated to Mrs. Pernolia Stroud.

Ed Stroud School athletics consisted of boys and girls basketball teams and boys baseball team. These teams traveled and played African-American teams of surrounding counties. Many trophies were won and displayed in the entrance of the school.

Ed Stroud High School Diploma

Ed Stroud School Diploma

Students participated in clubs such as Explorers Troop #96, John P. Jones, Advisor; Boy Scouts of America, Troop #96, Mr. David H. Nunnally, Sr., Advisor; NIIA, Mrs. Mary Campbell, Advisor; NFA, L. M. Scotland, Advisor; Chorus and Band.

Some of the bus drivers were Mr. Burnell Brown, Mr. Jack Daniel, Mr. Hershel Jones, Mr. Walter Lipkins, Mr. Leroy Morrison, and Mr. Lamar Phelps.