The Oconee County High Schools Alumni Association (OCHSAA) was formed and its bylaws were adopted in June 2004. The purpose of the organization is to support the academic excellence, best interest and traditions of Oconee County Public Schools. Its mission is to promote and facilitate the development of programs of enhanced fellowship among alumni and to ensure that an annual meeting of the association will occur.

Membership in the OCHSAA is targeted to the graduates of all the county’s high schools (past and present). It is a dues-paying association ($10 per year) and is led by an Executive Board.

Tommy Hewell, President

Lynn Cain Wood, Vice President

Patricia Osborne Greene, Secretary

Jim Butler, Treasurer


Tom Cochran

Trey Downs

Pat Miller Huff

Mary Lou Lester

Mary Smith Mills

Marvin Green

Wayne Turnbull

Doug Weirauch

Myrtice Kilpatrick, Emeritus