Mission Statement

Oconee County High School Alumni Association Mission Statement

The Oconee County High Schools Alumni Association (OCHSAA) was formed in June 2004 for the purpose of supporting the academic excellence, best interests and traditions of Oconee County Public Schools. Its mission is to promote and facilitate the development of programs of enhanced fellowship among alumni and to ensure that an annual meeting of the Association will occur.

The Association promotes the continuation of annual reunions of the earlier high schools such as those held by the Watkinsville and Bogart schools that closed in 1956, as well as individual class reunions. Equally important, however, is its goal of honoring the “Education Legacy” of Oconee County by supporting the system today.

To do that we will need all alumni from Oconee County High Schools to help with this effort. The Executive committee is developing the goals and the approach to accomplishing this agenda, including:

  • developing a mailing list of all alumni
  • hosting a focus group to obtain broad-based input
  • developing a website
  • meeting with key education officials of Oconee County.

In order to accomplish these goals, we ask you to join the Association and be an active participant. Your membership will allow us to communicate with you and your annual dues of $10 per person will help with the Association’s expenses (i.e., stamps and website). We have included an application for membership.